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  1. I understand Diamond Passes are numbered. Are they numbered based on when you ordered them...so quickest to commit get the lower numbers...or is it in collection order...so they earlies to arrive get the lower numbers?
  2. Question...sorry it's sort of a newb question. I'm used to just rocking up, milling around, queuing, and getting what I can done across a couple of days. Due to a prebooked foreign trip I can only attend on the Friday...but now they've announced Adam West! I'm thinking I'd probably be best to get a Diamond Pass to enable me to get both photos and an auto in the one day. My question (got to it eventually!) though is - with a Diamond Pass, can I be confident that I can get it all on that day? I know you select the day for the photos...and that autos are on all 3 days...but is there a risk that I could be denied an autograph on Friday because I've got a high Pass number?
  3. Many thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  4. Sorry to hijack the thread, but do preordered photos have the Showmasters logo printed in them, or are they plain?
  5. Joan Collins is in the UK a few days before this. Do you think they'll announce her?
  6. I asked a rep about attending DSTE only a couple of weeks ago. No plans to apparently.
  7. Olivia Thirlby John Wesley Shipp and I always post these 3 but; Adam West Burt Ward Yvonne Craig (she's interested in coming, just needs an invite!)
  8. As long as you can show it when needed. Plus, as an example, if someone brought a weekend ticket, and 'Celeb A photo and auto' - that could be incorporated on the lanyard. When you queue up they then hole punch that bit of the lanyard to show you've redeemed it. That negates having to carry around extra tickets. As people are preordering, you'd know how many of each lanyard to print up. And as for those people who hand over their lanyard to someone else when they leave, is that really a problem? SM have still taken my money for the day...it's just someone else taking up my space. But that could easily be discouraged.
  9. I like etickets as a way forward. But exchange them for lanyard passes on the door. That negates having to get you hand stamped. (I got stamped on exit and the stamp had no ink left. The volunteer just shrugged at me and said it would be ok...which explains why I then argued for 10 minutes trying to get back in). And allow people (who can) to attend earlier in the day to collect lanyards. Have a collection point nearby from Friday morning so people going can exchange etickets for lanyards in preparation. That way, those people are queuing the next day, which makes it easier on those that need to collect them on the day. It works at SDCC.
  10. Seeing as the attendance this year shows there is a potential interest in much higher profile guests, how about a '66 Batman reunion? The TV series is finally being released on DVD in November so how about Adam West, Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig?
  11. Definately agree with that suggestion. It works at SDCC. The venue there is completely sterile. You are free to walk in and out of the buildings as you like. There are barriers and guards to prevent non ticket holders getting in. The barriers are manned to allow emergency access. It makes the 'footprint' of the event massive, without a great deal of effort. I also think that an additional venue would help...so they hold it on 3 locations at once (EC1, EC2 and Olympia as an example). They could put on a shuttle service between sites. Advance ticket sales with etickets, exchanged at the door for lanyards. On the day ticket sales could be managed off site as well, preventing unecesary queue. In fact, lanyard collect could be facilitated off site as well.
  12. Well, i'm in the low 30's...so I'm fairly happy I'll get in the first round. She has only got high 60's...so I would presume she'd be fairly swift into the queue in the afternoon. I think what my question is really is a)The photo shoot is really only 30mins duration...and b)My friend won't miss out by having a low number but getting their later (If she has a number lower then the ones being called, she can join the queue.)
  13. Quick question...just for clarity... My friend has a Billie Piper ticket...but standard entry. I presume the schedule times read as START and END? Meaning that, as she cant get in until 11am, she pretty much has no option but to go to the later shoot? That's right, right? (Personally, I've got early entry so I'll be grabbing the first shoot!)
  14. And Adam West, Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig (who says she'd love to come to England but is just waiting for an invite!)
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