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  1. I've also had a reply saying the payment will be made back to me soon.
  2. Did Joni make it to the show? I only ask because she's missing from the pre-order package I got today. Don't know whether it's a refund job or it just wasn't packaged up with the others.
  3. I'm awaiting a refund on two items as well but I've also had my other pre-orders through today and one is missing. What's the best way to tackle this one? Cheers, Matt.
  4. I was hoping for third time lucky... alas no.
  5. Hi, just wondering when the facility for pre-order autographs will be up? Cheers.
  6. I had a pre order for Belle Avery personalised auto. Rather than a refund is there a way to swap it for Glyn Baker instead? Order was made 10 Mar 2014 | Transaction ID: 0LN34679209060359 . It'd be a Bond photo dedicated "to Matthew". Should I email someone?
  7. Just want to say thanks for the pre-order service. Once again its fantastic, with great pictures chosen etc. Much appreciated. Matt.
  8. Hi, I'd like a refund for the Belle Avery pre-order autograph that was part of my order. What's the process? Thanks, Matthew.
  9. Hi, what do I need to do if I prefer a refund for this autograph from my pre-orders? Thanks.
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