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  1. Richard Dean Anderson of course, Michael Shanks, Teryl Rothery, Joe Flannigan, Robert Carlyle, pity about Don. S Davis.
  2. Would we still be able to book Gold passes on-line so close to the event, hopefully before we leave home, and pick them up at the Messe? At the moment the big plus for me of having a Gold pass is the seating.
  3. My guess is Chancellors Gowron and Martok. I've seen their real names but I've never memorised them.
  4. Thanks. What about the spoken language please? Although I do like the way the German language sounds.
  5. I wonder if the next one will feature either Ops on DS9 or the Defiant bridge. I think that'd be cool but we'll just have to wait and see.
  6. Thanks for your reply Vivec. I was wondering if this info will be added closer to the event, hopefully before the tickets start to run out, as I'm sure it will influence the decision of some people, including me. I already have a photo with Casey Biggs, in costume, from London, thanks anyway.
  7. Hello As it is in Germany, will people attending need a basic knowledge of German? My native language is English but I left school with a B in A-Level German, (old spelling).
  8. Hello For the benefit of those people who don't live on continental Europe and therefore have the extra expense of booking flights as well as their accommodation & entry tickets I would like to know when the list of people who are going to be giving the paid talks will be released please. We are currently waiting for this information so that we can decide if it is worth buying Gold passes.Thanks.
  9. This isn't official info but as far as the Borg photoshoot is concerned, you will get your photo taken, resistance will be futile.
  10. My best guest experience in London was either with Avery Brooks, Scott Bakula, or with the guy who played General Martok, at present I can't recall his name. I just knew him as Martok. Even if I could think who the one person I'd like to meet is I'd be going on characters, not the real people. I'm thinking: Geordi LaForge, who is confirmed, Dr. Bashir, Jadzia Dax, Sloan and of course Guinan, (Whoopi Goldberg). It's so good that it's more than just a TV show. I hope my hunch is correct and Jonathan Frakes does a talk because I've seen that he has presented things for the Discovery Channel.
  11. Hello In the photos section on the Destination Star Trek London website it clearly said who was dressing up to look like their character and who wasn't. However I see that this isn't the case so far on the Destination Star Trek Germany website. Please, is there any way to know in advance for example whether Levar Burton will look like Geordi LaForge or whether he'll look like Levar Burton. Thanks
  12. I'm kinda wondering the same thing. I have 2 Gold passes and they have arrived but I don't want to go to the Klingon Monster Ball, which I'm guessing is for Halloween. However I do want to go to the TNG 25 years party. Our flight is on Wednesday so it's too late to order them and have them delivered. Would it be too late to order them when we get to London and might it mean packing a laptop to order from our accommodation? We live in Northern Ireland so we will be arriving in London on Wednesday. Please help. Thanks
  13. Hello As my admittedly unoriginal username states, I am a fan of Stargate as well as Star Trek. I am in the middle of a Stargate re-watch at the moment and have recently heard the following funny quote. Before you think it's off-topic, please read to the end of the quote. For those forum members reading this who are just Trekkies and not fans of Stargate as well, even for Gate fans who have forgotten it: here's a funny quote from Stargate SG-1 and before you say it's off-topic, please read to the end of the quote. Carter is a woman and a Major, O'Neill is a man and her direct CO, a Colonel. Series 6 Episode 1: Redemption They are about to use a new advanced type of aircraft for the first time. CARTER Navigation. O'NEILL Check. CARTER Oxygen, pressure, temperature control. O'NEILL All check. CARTER Inertial dampeners. O'NEILL Cool…and check. CARTER Engines. O'NEILL All check. Phasers? CARTER Sorry, Sir. All systems operational. Thanks to Stargate-SG1-Solutions for that. There are another three cross-over quotes in Stargate, which I might post.
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