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  1. Any chance of continental convention next year? Like Dortmund this year.
  2. He always cancels. This is third time he cancelled appearing on the event I intended to go. He is becoming my white whale.
  3. Again, no AMEX or Paypal! Is it me or paypal was available on last DST? EDIT: AMEX is available on checkout.
  4. Well Marina Sirtis all but confirmed she is coming.
  5. 5 captains Malcolm McDowell Jonathan "Moby Dick" Frakes Alexander Siddig Jolene Blalock David Warner Christopher Plummer (this is a wish list not reality)
  6. Yes, he's my Moby Dick, cancelled all three DST. Also Malcolm McDowell and Alexander Siddig. Uncle and nephew.
  7. I am hoping for ExCeL as I have only direct flight to London.
  8. There has to be some news soon about DST... I hope.
  9. There has to be DST event on 50th anniversary of Star Trek! Maybe other shows don't bring crowds to Showmasters but surely DST in London with all captains and other Star trek icons would bring many thousand rabid trekkies, myself included. If I lived in UK I would come to other events like Film and Comic con but since I have to travel from Croatia, Destination Star trek it is!
  10. In 2012 they announced DST Frankfurt (February 2013) about this time, so obviously DST (there has to be one on 50th anniversary!) will be later in the year. I was hoping for 2 events like 2013 but one great mega DST in London will be just fine. We just need the date so we can plan holidays, travel, hotel, etc.
  11. Ok, Destination Star Trek it is. Only question is will it be only DST event in 2016 or we'll get 2 like last year!
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