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  1. I would suggest Actors/Actresses from Charmed such as Shannon Doherty, Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano especially. Met Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause last year and loved it. So definitely need more Charmed stars, possibly from Buffy the Vampire Slayer too :)
  2. This is going to be a long feedback, so just to warn you peeps! ha ha. Well... as a start this was my first Film and comic con here and honestly I really enjoyed it, the guests were great, and the event on a whole was even greater...but there was some bad points as well. For a start, I think the times for the photoshoots with the guests seemed to be done at the last minute, numerous times I searched for times when it was getting closer to the event and all it says was 'TBA' on every guest. And with the times being done for photoshoots I think you need to put into consideration that most guests didn't do afternoon photoshoots as well as the morning photoshoots I expected to see. Fair enough I had a standard ticket for 11am and didn't get in till about 11.25am and most shoots was before 11. I think you need to put some shoots after 11 seeing as most people who finally get in to the building from all the queues has missed the times for photoshoots or have to queue even longer to get one done. When I finally got in, I was upset to see that I had missed a photoshoot with Brian Krause, I found out it was re-scheduled to the afternoon which I was happy about, then I found out it got re-scheduled again. There was a lot of unhappy fans there because of this, but to be honest I wasn't upset because it made it easier to have other photoshoots done as well and have more to time to go from one booth to another. The other thing that made me quite mad was the organisation of the photos once they were 'done'. I was told that once the photo had been taken you had to wait roughly 2 hours for it to get printed. I waited a lot longer for photos to be printed and I stayed even longer than 6pm and they still wasn't finished. I did manage to pick up 2 of the photos I had taken but I'm waiting for them to send them out through post. A suggestion for the photos is that when a photo is being taken, the number on the ticket should also be a pick up number. So when you want to collect the photo after you can hand in a ticket and they can pass you the ticket, rather than having all the photos that was printed all spread out over tables where anything can happen to them. someone could take the wrong photo, or knock over the table with all the people crowding over the tables. Also I think that the times for the photoshoots should be more spread out rather than so close together, it's hard to get from one photo area to another, from going from one queue to another and trying to get through the crowds as well. There should be an even bigger venue next time because that one was so full that no one could hardly move. I think said enough about the photoshoots and times but that was the biggest problem I had to go through, and I see that many other people have to. There should have more seating areas and more areas for refreshments because suring and after the LFCC I was in so much pain from being stood up and walking all day. So definitely have more seating areas. If this event can be moved to another venue make sure it is bigger and more spread out. The stalls there need more room apart from each other and bigger space in the aisles. And have more bins around. There should also be ways on how to get refunds on tickets for certain reasons, a part from if a guest cancels. There was a woman who I saw who was very upset that 2 of her tickets was being done at the same time, a photoshoot and a guest talk. She was more upset that she was told that she couldn't get a refund from one of her tickets. If that was me I would be upset as well because it isn't fair and it just shows how the timings for each thing there whether it was a photo, a talk or autograph was unorganised. But a part from that, to say it was my first LFCC, the guests was amazing, and I really enjoyed it , I just hope that next year will be better and all these problems myself and many other people went through will be sorted out for the better.
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