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    Has anyone at ME picked up an e-mail from me RE tickets I'm a little stuck and at odds with what to do in the situation discribed in my e-mail Thanks Gemma Hall
  2. Hi ElaineJ, I'm coming down friday afternoon so should be at hotel by 4:30pm - Figured Saturday morning 6am ish travel wasn't me - otherwise I won't have had pre con good nights sleep and likely miss stuff Staying until early Sunday evening too.
  3. It's a while since my con days! so for those more up-to-date can you do a convention on any sort of reasonable budget? after ticket and Fri/Sat stay at Hilton I mean In my younger attending days these events would easilly set back £500+ - (ganted I saved up all year round to do maybe 2 or 3 (located in delears mostly - trying to pick what to take home - as they were most only source of sci-fi things for me not living near a suitable store budgetting for one with 8 weeks or so notice a bit different though - want to make sure I have a fab time but still sensible on budget and stuff -hmm like it cons can come with rodeos (cool!!!) then yes very different
  4. shouldn't need much intro..... My 'other half' being rather 'yellow'!!! with me 'flapping' about trying to remember 'the con dancers' 1st ME 1st 'con' in 8 years (be gentle)
  5. I think its says 7pm somewhere on here with 2pm being reg start you can register at 6:50pm and it would affect the running of the day (I think) However from old days of conventions the early arrivals just have longer to check in/eat/visit the bar and of cause talk to everyone else
  6. Sorry for more questions generally when do things wrap up (excluding evening activities) on a Sunday! have a long journey home via a trainstation I'm not familar with.
  7. Ticket booked! alas the transport -whether to come down friday afternoon from up north (3hrs 30 min minimum) I went Silver so my gut and budget sort of Say saturday morning in which case train gets into BI at 9:55am by the time I got to hotel/registered etc etc -would I have terrible missed an awful lot (photo shoots etc?) just before I book train plans (before they go up any more)
  8. For those of us weighing 'options' e.g. travel Ticket room stay or not Does anyone know yet if David is a weekend or Day only guest (if day guest which day) And is there a set 'limit' on numbers for photos/auto for example the first 400 -number plucked randomly its many years (possibly 8) since my last convention, so I'm very out of pratice but if I were to book, I'm trying to fit as much as possible into what time I'd have etc and have fun doing it Thanks
  9. Hi again, Does the hotel venue provide wheelchair access and would their be options for those with disabilities to bring a PA who wouldn't be 'attending' as such merely assisting motobility and care? Thanks
  10. Whats the difference between the two options? And the 8x10 is this a photo of all the guests attending the event? Sorry if I'm a little vague or confusing its quite a few years since I did the 'con circuit' and my travel distance to Birmingham tears me in going /not going to this Dr Who event, so perhaps these packs might be 'half way' (if not able to come along) Also would the autographs be pre signed or signed over the weekend? Many thanks
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