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  1. Ah thank you thank you!! I did not see that before!! I appreciate it!
  2. I enjoy almost any match with the late great Shinya Hashimoto in them (R.I.P)
  3. Shingo

    Hawaii Five-O Season One

    I see Daniel Dae Kim a lot randomly o.O
  4. I would pay for a autograph of John Bradley o.O
  5. Shingo


    my twitter is http://www.twitter.co,m/vrtshingo
  6. I have a small folder with plastic sleeves I put my autographs into, for smaller pieces I put in regular picture frames though
  7. The last person I saw but didn't get an autograph for was Dog the bounty hunter at the mall, he was pretty drunk o.O as for a autograph I have never gotten an autograph from someone in person, only asked friends to get them for me
  8. Shingo

    OFFICIAL SM & ME facebook ,myspace ,twitter ,pages

    I am now officially a fan! xD
  9. I know I posted this in another thread (I am sorry if it's irritating anyone) but I won't be able to make it (main reason because I live in Hawaii) but if anyone here an get me an autograph by John Bradley on anything (napkin, random paper, etc) I would love them forever! I can papal money for shipping and everything I just love that guy! He's my hero!
  10. OMG! I wish I could go! Why did I have to find out so last minute =[ Anyone that's gonna be there on saturday wanna make me really really happy and get me a autograph I would love you forever!
  11. Shingo


    Hey everyone! New here my name is Shingo I'm from Oahu, Hawaii I was introduced to this forum by a friend I browsed around in the beginning and now finally decided to register! =] Hope to post a lot more soon =]