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  1. That was me! I managed to get a few with others but struggled due to the costume. Anyone who got any and are happy to share would be great!😃 Thank you Showmasters for a wonderful event, may the force be with you 😁
  2. .... is all sold out, wah wah waaaaah! I admit I didn't expect him to be THAT popular, so I have paid the price for my ignorance. I know it said batch 6 FINAL, but whats the chance of Showmasters releasing a few more photo tickets?? I literally have missed every comic con hes been at and now I'm finally going to one he's attending and this happens!!
  3. No I didn't purchase a ticket, I was going to but the tickets are closed to buy online now aren't they? I'll have to get it on the door. Ah that's brilliant! Certainly speeds things up eh :) Okay well thanks a lot for your help, will be there nice and early on the day. Just one more quick thing, when do the times for the photoshoots go up? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I'm a little confused. My Matt Smith Photo Shoot ticket arrived this morning (Thanks Showmasters!) And I was reading the little bit that comes with it and there's just a few things that I hope someone could clear up for me please? :) 'When you arrive at the show there will be an Advanced Booking Queue this is for pre purchased programme entry only' <-- Do I have a pre purchased programme? Or is that something totally different? Your picture will be a 6" by 9" colour photo and will be ready for collection within moments of your shoot - I always thought it took 2 -3 hours for photos to be ready, or has this now changed? One ticket = Exchange for ONE entry - Is this meaning my Photo Shoot ticket? Or do i queue up like everyone else buy a normal entry ticket on the door then go off to the photoshoot? I know it sounds like Im being picky but unfortunately I can't stay too long on the day so I just want to know how I can make everything as smooth as possible! Thanks in advance for the reply
  5. I've just started helping my little sister collect these. Randomly saw some in HMV in Milton Keynes on the way back from Collectormania 18 and she'd only said the other day she wanted to get them all. So far we've got hold of Aristocats, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Bolt, Lady and the Tramp, Pocahontas and Fox and the Hound. Really gutted about Pinochio because its a bugger to get hold of on eBay, as is Snow White!
  6. That's lovely! Can't believe how quiet it looks on Friday.
  7. This was my first event so I came very open minded expecting there to be a few hitches. Fortunately I was wrong! I loved it! I bought the Residents Pass for Sat/Sun, got in those few minutes before Sat, and easily found lots of virtual tickets to the actors I wanted to meet. Spent most of Saturday just taking it all in. Was chatting to Brandon Routh and Jason Momoa about their football antics the precious day (which I'm gutted to have missed!) Both lovely guys and chatty. Thought the dealers were brilliant and the never had so many photos taken with Star Wars characters in my life! The talks with Kenny Baker & David Prowse, Sean Astin and Carl Weathers were just brilliant, Weathers especially being quite inspirational. The party was out of this world! Sean Astin was such a nice guy to chat to. (Can't believe the alcohol was so expensive though!?) Then Sunday although the weather was pants we still went to some photoshoots and whatnot. The staff were very friendly and helpful! (Except one particular tall guy who I found to be very rude, but hey ho) The layout made sense, must have walked around the stadium 1000 times in total haha. Overall my hats off to Showmasters, all I've done is rave about the weekend ever since, and won't shut up for some time. Please do the R.Pass again next year! Thanks for an AWESOME event guys! :clap:
  8. Definitely coming again guys, absolutely loved this one! Please please please do the Residents Pass again! My only regret from this weekend is that I didn't come on the Friday too So next year will gladly get the pass for the full weekend Thanks again!
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