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  1. Star Wars guests attending Elstree Empire Day

    No Peter Mayhew?
  2. Hi Everyone! I will be attending the show tomorrow with my brother so he is staying at my house tonight. We are going to have a Star Wars night in my movie room which is filled my my movie accurate Star Wars props and helmets. Just wondered who else is going to watch the films tonight to get the buzz of tomorrow going even more?
  3. Star Wars guests attending Elstree Empire Day

    Would have been cool to meet Anthony Daniels !
  4. Come on guys, stop moaning

    Im really excited as this will be the first Star Wars event I've ever been to! I can't wait to meet Dave Prowse, Kenny Baker! I'm taking something for them to sign.
  5. Empire Day Schedule

    Is the photo shoot price including the autographs or are the two things separate?
  6. so whos going

    I agree there not a great buzz about Empire day?
  7. Star Wars guests attending Elstree Empire Day

    saying that you never know it was said the more ticket sales meant more guests and now its a sell out we might get one or two more if we are lucky Thats quite true, I'm surprised that Warwick hasnt been mentioned, hes ALWAYS fun at events but not sure what hes up to at late would be nice to see him there and the same with Mike Edmonds also Jeremy Bulloch I did see in the press release a few days ago that any Guests interested should contact Jason so maybe they are in last minute discussions over this. i think that also people may have already allocated their money for specific people or travelling etc and what with the enormity of the Auction list we may see some multi billionaires attending lol Lets hope so i would like to think as this was advertised as such a important event and with ticket sale starting at £60 upwards that we would see more actors than camera men?
  8. Star Wars guests attending Elstree Empire Day

    I'm going to be taking along a few Lightsabers seeing it was at Elstree where they were first ignited. It will be somewhat cool emerging from Elstree and Borehamwood clutching a Lightsaber. But thats possibly as far as I will go cosplay wise Any more guest news now? Like actors from the movies?
  9. Elstree Empire Day SOLD OUT

    No problem. If they don't arrive then just print off the e-mailed order confirmation and take that along with photo ID etc Got my tickets yesterday Yippeeee!!!! Got them within 4 days of ordering(Fantastic) i was worried because the next morning the event was sold out, I'm really happy now!
  10. Elstree Empire Day SOLD OUT

    That should be fine as you have an order number. It won't let you place an order if the tickets have sold out. Thank you for the info Let's just hope I get the tickets in time. Cheers again
  11. Elstree Empire Day SOLD OUT

    That's fantastic Can you confirm my order of two tickets? I only ordered yesterday. My order number is 26130 Thank you
  12. Star Wars guests attending Elstree Empire Day

    That's a shame? That usually makes these events even better
  13. Star Wars guests attending Elstree Empire Day

    Is there going to be a load of people attending in full star wars costumes?
  14. so whos going

    Must admit everything is very sketchy about such a special event? I was always in two minds to go or not.
  15. so whos going

    I just brought 2 standard tickets today for my brother and i so i hope i have not left it to late? It said on the shop that they were still available?