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  1. your going to be at least another 30mins from Central to Braehead - how are you getting to braehead from Central station? I don't post here often, but wanted to post my thoughts on this: if your train gets in on time, you should be able to catch the X23 to Braehead. If you take the Union Street exit from the station, there should be an X23 from the bus stop outside Poundland at 12:41 that will get you to Braehead for 1:00. It's the fastest bus to Braehead.
  2. I remember reading about that, there's a law or something against games of chance so the maths question makes it about skill.
  3. This might have already been answered, but I can't find it, so I'm just going to ask. The Silver pass has 4 randomly assigned captain's talks, and I assume we'll find out in advance which ones, like for the autographs. But how far in advance are likely to find out which talks we get, because I really want to see Kate Mulgrew, but I don't want to find that's the one I didn't get then have the tickets for it sold out because of when I fould out. If that makes any sense.
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