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  1. ooh now i am very intrested in this heh i think i might have to sell my soul too if i can find it that is hehe
  2. Hey there this is like my first convention and i am dressing up as byakuya from bleach does anyone have any idea's on where i could get his sword from because thats the only thing missing
  3. heh might aswell here is my list guys Bleach Naruto Final Fantasy Advant children Read or die Fruits Basket Animatrix Final fantasy unlimited Love Hina Sailor Moon
  4. i know that damn lesson i wasnt sure if he let you know via email or something and yes very true on both accounts lol i think you are doomed to forever like any character that ressembles tuxedo mask for the rest of your life mwahahahaha
  5. heh i love this show and Renji-kun with his mad eyebrows
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