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  1. Now I want to go even more xD I hate living in Sweden at times like this ._. But I want to meet him again sooooo much Another photo session+autograph :* I might skip London Film & Comic Con and go to Collectormania 13 instead
  2. Also have some Hero cast that my friend have, hehe. Zachary Quinto Masi Oka Hayden Panetierre Greg Grunberg James Kyson Lee Jack Coleman Milo Ventimiglia Also... Nathan Fillion (Firefly/Serenity) Adam Baldwin (Firefly/Serenity) Kevin Sorbo (Hercules & Andromeda) Lucy Lawless (Hercules & Xena)
  3. Thank you so much ^^ I feel a lot calmer now, lol. Now I just have to wait
  4. Let me see... James Marsters (Spike from BtvS and AtS) David Boreanaz (Angel from BtvS and AtS) Alyson Hannigan (Willow from BtvS and AtS, American Pie movies) Hugh Jackman (X-men) Anna Paquin (X-men) (X-men is never wrong!) Craig Parker (Lord of the Rings) Gary Oldman (Harry Potter, Bram Stoker's Dracula...) Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) Emma Watson (Harry Potter) Tom Felton (Harry Potter) Alan Rickman (Harry Potter) (Would go great with the new HP movie, hehe)
  5. I was at Collectormania 11 and had a photoshoot with James Marsters May 5 (Saturday). And since I couldn't stay I signed up for them to send the photo of us to me...You know, you filled in the adress and description and so on. I still haven't gotten it And am getting really nervous about it, that it might haven't been sent... I live in Sweden so it could be that it takes longer to come in the mail but it shouldn't take this long o.o Answers to calm me down please??
  6. Thank you so much for the link, I will totally check it out
  7. Hm, okay...Thank you so much for the tip ^^ I'll check it out =) But I'm not going alone, lol. Somebody suggested a place for 13 pounds a night a while ago. Let me see if I can still find that post... That would be great ! Thank you so much
  8. I meant in Milton Keynes, lol...That was a bit confusing o.O (What I wrote I mean, haha) Hm, okay...Do you have any suggestion on what to do?
  9. yeah, same here. He is the only reason I´m coming The other guests are cool as well, but I wouldn´t fly all the way from Sweden to England to seem them. But everything for James and hello there fellow countryman! Yay Do you have msn? I would love to talk to more people who's going
  10. Anyone besides me who's totally addicted to this show?
  11. Okay, I'm comming all the way from Sweden, landing in London and will be there a few days before I go to Collectormania, so I wonder if anyone know a cheap place to stay that's close to Collectormanias location. I really need it so I can have money for other stuff and so on...Please help
  12. Well I myself bought a ticket for the photoshoot you can do with him ^^ I am comming from Sweden so I'm gonna meet him damn it xD The reason why I'm comming
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