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  1. Thank you for that.....but what time does it start?
  2. Hi all. Please can I ask what time I have to get there to get in early tomorrow? I guess it's best to buy the entrance ticket online?
  3. Hi. Please can someone tell me if Al Worden will be there tomorrow? Really need to know. Thanks!
  4. Bob dob


    Hi Mr Ant, I believe John Young is too unwell to do any shows. However, it would be good to see HS but he will only sign his books. Sooooo.....are you the real Adam or just an imposter.....
  5. Bob dob

    What time drinks tomorrow?

    Hello, anyone?
  6. Bob dob

    What time drinks tomorrow?

    Hi all, Please can I ask what time the drinks reception is tomorrow night?
  7. Bob dob

    VIP pass- Free entry to Alan Bean's lecture?

    Apologies, I just assumed that the Al Bean one would have different criteria being as it is more expensive and has other 'bonuses' with it.
  8. Hi, I have a 'standard' VIP pass. I notice that with Al Bean's lecture you get a free autograph and print but his lecture costs more than the 'usual'. Please can someone tell me if I have a guaranteed seat at this particular lecture? Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi again, Is there a danger that if we leave choosing until the show that they may be 'full'?
  10. Hi, Please can I ask how or when we can choose the four lectures that we get with our VIP tickets? Thank you.
  11. Many thanks Dave, keep the Astronauts coming....or even a flight controller or two..
  12. Hi all, Please can I ask is the free autograph that you get with the VIP ticket applicable for any guest? Thank you, B
  13. Any ideas, please?
  14. Hi, apologies for a stupid question but I'm new to all these events and I thought I seen the footballer Ossie Ardiles was to appear at the London event? Would that have been the Milton Keynes event? Sorry for this...