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  1. I feel sorry for my bank account on pay day, as there are quite a few guests I want to meet! (Why did I think it was a good idea to make my way through GoT before a con?)
  2. Yes yes yes yes yes yes. I've wanted to meet Michelle for a while!
  3. Fabulous! Excited to see another guest from The Blacklist over here doing something! (Went to a Q&A with James Spader a while back which was AWESOME).
  4. YESSSSS. She's one of my favourites (can't believe I only got around to watching all of GoT in the past couple of months!) Plus, loved her in Mapp & Lucia. Roll on payday, I need to buy a shoot (or two) with Gemma
  5. Right, so I've bought my eticket validation just now, and should be fine with my entry ticket tomorrow because my email for them both is the same, correct? :)
  6. Haha Yes, you will be okay. That assurance is made about 5 times on this page alone. Hahaha, I just worry a LOT, even when I don't need to - it's in my veins!
  7. So basically, we'll be okay even if the validation doesn't come through before tomorrow? I may make sure I have £2.50 in coins, so I can pay at the sales table if needs be. But we'll definitely get in. Phew! I was worried I would travel up and then not get in because my email is yet to come through!
  8. Okay, thanks guys! Just don't want to get there, and then turned away because it didn't come through in time! :)
  9. Does anyone know how long they usually take to come through? I'm certain I ticked the boxes (only just bought my entry and shoot for Friday a little while ago), and am worried it won't come through before Friday, and that I won't be able to get in, or go to my shoot! Got the e-tickets come through, but haven't been charged the £2.50 yet?
  10. I can't believe I only just saw this! Thankfully, I can only make Friday, seeing as Saturday is sold out and Sunday, I'm working. At least I get to come to LFCC for one day, and meet one guest from a show I love!
  11. Ahhhh, I need to go! Now him and Hayley have been announced, I must go. But...no money! Damn me being poor and jobless
  12. So...does anyone want to treat me to a Hayley shoot and auto as a belated birthday present?
  13. Kind of glad I'm only coming to the con on Sunday then and here's hoping my journey will be smooth-ish, even though I have to travel from Charing Cross. The Marathon itself actually starts as I get into London so fingers crossed, people wouldn't be clogging the stations as much (I hope!)
  14. Woohoo, got my ticket!
  15. Phew! Okay, hopefully there will be some left on Monday when I have my student loan go in...
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