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  1. In terms of people prepared to chat and be genuinely interested, I'd say Kate Bracken and Rose Leslie top, closely followed by John Bradley (though he seems a little uncomfortable he really makes an effort) and Gwendoline Christie. Game of Thrones must be fabulous to work on as all the GoT guests I've met so far have been fantastic and seem to get on together so well.
  2. Would totally agree with that. All the guests I met yesterday were lovely, but Kate was the stand-out for me too.
  3. Being Human Series 4/5! Damien Molony, Michael Socha and Kate Bracken would be fabulous. Andrew Gower too, maybe? Pretty please?
  4. Still no photo. Still no response to email. Have sent a photo so we'll see if that helps. I'll be after my money back if this isn't sorted soon and very little chance of me doing anything like this again.
  5. Still not had mine either. It's now so long after the event that my daughter's kind of not excited about it any more, which is a shame as she was looking forward to showing her school friends. I've emailed and had no response, not even a "we'll look into it" which doesn't fill me with confidence.
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