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  1. I don't really want to complain but Birmingham is so much easier for those who live in the wilds outside the SE. and much fairer on travel costs. Sat in the Hilton now and it was a long but easy drive whereas I have to fly to London as that is the only way can do it without exhausting myself for school next day.
  2. I've got a ring bound book of heavy card covers (one is red) and cartridge plain paper that people can sign, stick bits in or draw in if that is any help - I can do a cover for it and illustrate a few of the pages. Jan
  3. Had the best weekend at a con. All guests were awesome tho, of course, the prize goes to Michael. Please keep up the great work - it's so much fun to be with other SCG fans and to meet the stars and they don't have to be the big names (but don't stop asking Michael again !)
  4. I agree with that to - we pay a lot for Gold tickets!
  5. Can he and Michael do a commentary over Evolution 1 and/or 2?
  6. I've just been to Cr*****on's con in Chicago and I prefer these - so many guests, you miss bits cos you are having photos or autographs or at a meet and greet and the guests only stay for a day. With ME you know the guests should be there all weekend and will get far more involved in the events like the quizzes. More commentaries over episodes please - they are great - Kavan Smith and David Nykl did one but I would love to hear Michael and Bill over Evolution!
  7. I suppose we have to be grateful that they are working. I'm not as disappointed as last year when Michael cancelled but I'd not met either and Lexa had scrawled all over a photo of her and Ben for me to get him to sign - would have been a true original. Still, of the new guests, I've only met Peter Williams so it should still be a great weekend and isn't an awful lot of the weekend about meeting and talking to like minded people who don't think you are an absolute nutter to go to cons?
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