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    Latest guest Announcement - Aidan Turner

    Dont know if this is any help to anyone but in the latest issue of total film there is a free double sided hobbit poster.
  2. dc14g10

    Free Buses

    Hi, I just wondered when the bus timetable will be announced as on the website it says close to the event but the event is only like a week away. Thanks.
  3. Just thought i would say that last year at EMS me and my girlfriend were told Gillian was at the Johnny English 2 premiere where we got two unpersonalised autographs from. So to be honest i think getting non personalised ones shouldnt be a massive problem. Also she was so amazing and lovely and a geuine pleasure to meet. From what i heard one premiere organiser said to her we have to go in and she replied, at least i think, i want to sign some more for my fans. That was so lovely. Also i will be going to this con for Gillian because i want a x files pic signed non personalised so i can get david to sign it too. Her announcement is so unique because she never signs x files stuff without David, as so many dealers have told me at the cons.Never know that might mean a Mulder announcement soon lol fingers crossed. Sorry about any mistakes have the flu n doin this on my mobile
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    Alex Kingston Matt smith Karen Gillian In my view the holy trinity: Simon Pegg Nick Frost Edgar Wright Rowan Atkinson Stephen Fry Hugh Laurie David Duhucknovy- never can spell it but i need it so i can complete my x files collection already got gillian anderson at the Johnny English premiere Alan Rickman Michael Gambon Ahhhh pretty much any main harry potter guest
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    Autograph Dealers

    Hi just curious if anyone knows if showmasters has particular criteria for the autograph dealers as i saw a autograph i really wanted? Do they have to be with a official autograph club like uacc or aftal? Just curious any info would be appreciated
  6. I wonder if showmasters tried to get rowan atkinson or gillian anderson for ems
  7. I kinda guess they know if its a photo its more likely to be a autograph dealer than an actual fan hence why gillian didnt sign x files because she probably gathered they would be sold on lol and i think orlando blooms is at the three musketeers which will be mental. Tintin premiere though with steven spielberg there will be mental lol but i want to go to happy feet 2 just for robin williams. Yer that place at piccadilly called japan centre.
  8. To be honest you didnt miss that much lol juat a load of walking. Autographs were just about being in the right place at the right time. Plus Gillian and Rowan were main attraction and they were hard to get due to pushing and shoving. But was amazing just for gillian and at least seeing rowan. Lol i cant imagine what its like for a AAA title
  9. dc14g10

    What did you buy?

    Heres my list its really long but its my first con so i thought i would splash out quite a bit: Inside Convention Kill Bill The Bride's replica sword Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts A big Kotobukiya Master Chief statue Three badges Freddy Krueger figure Alien Vs Predator - Alien Warrior figure Heath Ledger Joker Autograph Lee Bradley drawing Two doctor who film cells Convention Autographs John Hurt David Tennant Eve Myles Caitlin Blackwood Nina Touissant white Arthur Darvrill Tony Cecere Evanna Lynch Paul Mcgann Outside the convention Gears of War 2 Ticker figure Big Daddy Bioshock 2 figure The Joker with Scarface Arkham Asylum figure Scarecrow Arkham Asylum figure Vampire Jack figure Ezio (master ssassian) figure Angry Bird board game A metal replica of a sonic screwdriver Little big planet sackboy figure This is England Trainspotting Ratcatcher Wonderland Kes Doctor Who series 5 boxset My name is earl complete boxset Flesh the dino files signed 101 thiings to do to become a superhero ... or a evil genius (book) Best item i got was at the Johnny English 2 premiere where i got Gillian Andersons autograph
  10. Just checked for you its somewhere down Shaftesbury Avenue
  11. Hi, firstly thanks for a brilliant show it was geuinely incredible. To be honest i may be easy to please as this was my first convention but the dealers were nice and helpful with a wide range of items only problem was in that area was the lack of anime items. Girlfriend was saddened, so did anyone else find this? Cant complain though i still spent my entire savings which amounted to about a £1000 and which does not include the gold pass.Which just to say in terms of the big guests such as arthur darvill and david tennant and surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, Evanna Lynch the pass was a godsend. The staff were great and helpful and really chatty especially the guy who was on the evanna lynch pay desk on saturday because he was really chatty and interesting. Guest wise they were all fantastic Evanna Lynch, Arthur Darvrill and Daviid Tennant were a pleasure to meet and quite talkative. But my standout out guess was Eve Myles wow what a incredible women so talkative and treats every fan as an equal and seems to geuinely enjoy being round them. Sure we had a talk about the weather (what a British thing to do btw) but she was so lovely and took time with everyone. So thanks Eve. My biggest shout out must go to the incredible Lee at the comic zone as i asked for a Joker drawing which he spent about an hour and half doing whilst talking to us and the outcome was amazing geuinely one of the best and most unique sketches of the joker i have ever seen and goes so well with my just purchased heath ledger autograph from the show from another brilliant dealer lol this sketch was so good Lee took a picture of it and said it was the best he had ever drawn. So thankyou so much Lee it was lovely meeting you. Final shout out is to you guys. You were brilliant and so so chatty and welcoming especially the girl i was lined with in the david tennant queue who i think had like five items to sign and also the guy who was in the gold pass queue i was in on sunday at the entrance whose mum was lost somewhere in the mass of the earlybird ticket line. Both amazing. Just a side note if i ever accidently hit anyone with a bag i am sorry truely lol but its hard because my bags literally seemed to have a mind of their own. Ok now this is the main point i wanted to make. Sooooo after getting the heath ledger autograph which i have always wanted (dont ask how much i paid for it seems ridicolous but its my fav movie and fav actor). I was looking for X Files autographs because to put it frankly i am slightly obssessed with the x files currently. So i noticed a Gillian Anderson for £35 at a autograph dealer. So so so tempted but passed (too much money on the heath ledger auto already). But i went to another dealer and i asked if he had David and Gilian's autos and he said no they are almost impossible to get because Gillian doesnt like signing x files stuff. But he said .... she and Rowan Atkinson are at the premiere of Johnny English Two. So i ran to get my sketch from Lee at the comic zone who gave me a piece of paper (which to be fair i did suggest i would pay for lol so again thanks Lee) So to summarise got to Leicester Square sure enough the premiere was there Rowan Atkkinson came and went lol sadly no autograph from him lol was slightly difficult with all the pushing. But then Gillian came and we got two autographs from her lol brilliant and a lovely women who insisted on signing autographs lol even better the pains that were pushing us about and literally shoving us out the way,who i supposed were just looking to get the autographs to sell, had X files photos and didnt get nowt. So thankyou to that dealer too because without him i wouldnt of known about the premiere and also i would of almost certainly taken a x files photo with me and she stated 'no xfiles photos'. Anywho i also wondered if anyone else went to this premiere? and also i wonder why Gillian says no to Xfiles? Maybe wants to seperate herself from it i guessed lol thats like David Tennant saying nope no more Doctor WHo autographs just Fright Night.