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  1. Kermit the frog and miss piggy Matt Smith Pierce brosnan Roman reigns Patrick Stewart David boreanez Gillian Anderson David duchovney
  2. the last 2 shows there has been a badge vendor... anyone know the contact details for them please? only as going to destination star trek 3 and need a set of pips and comm badge and know this seller had them xx
  3. here goes..... David Boreanez Pierce Brosnan Ozzy & Sharron Ozbourne Anthony Head Gillian Anderson David Duchovney Patrick Stewart Robert Beltran Siddeg-El-Fadil (Alexander Siddeg) Colin Firth Gordon Ramsey (yes i'm F*&%!£G serious!!) Shane Ritchie Whopie Goldberg Brendan Frazier Melissa Joan Heart (any of the voices of the Simpsons) James Masters Sacha Baron Cohen Lee Evans
  4. loved Armin..he was fab..as was my little chat with paul mcgann (he liked my hair!!) got my photo and signature from DT (eventually.it was my birthday on sunday) although cried all the way back to Wales and still quite upset today, the poor 2 female crew members behind the photo table who collapsed, due to heat and being surrounded by 1,000 rude people because the photos had been messed up..i so neede to get out of the way but couldn't because even though visably there were 2 crew members on the floor i was still being sandwiched against the table!! can some one plz give me some conformation that that 2 ladies in question are ok just to put my mind at ease..thanks xx
  5. oh thats cool!!! no carrying stuff about all day!!! wikkid thanks!!
  6. hyia i will be there nxt week and i'm comming from quite a while away on a motorbike and was wondering if there is any storage options at the event? as i don't fancy carrying helmets etc around with me all day?
  7. ok nooo problem...lets hope poor ol david isn't feeling to raggerty by then!!
  8. hi guys iv'e got 9am early bird entry tickets and ticket no 555 for DT photoshoot...does this mean i have to wait for the 2nd photoshoot?
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