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  1. Matt was absolutely fantastic, really smiley the whole time and said kind words to each person who went to get a photo with him. He also accepted mine and my sister's gift (a badger puppet) with an adorable smile. It was utterly brilliant!
  2. Matt Smith was beyond adorable. My sister and I gave him a badger puppet (he's a MASSIVE badger lover) and he put it on his hand and pretended it was real and said a massive thank you. He was just so wonderful and smiley the whole time!
  3. VERY excited to meet him, he is the only one from Series 5 onwards who I haven't met yet! I hope I don't cry all over him after this weekend's episode though!
  4. BRILLIANT! I wasn't going to come to EMS this year but you've now won me over. I met her about a month ago and she's a wonderful woman, it would be amazing to introduce my friends to her!
  5. Some of The IT Crowd cast please: Katherine Parkinson, Richard Ayoade, Chris O'Dowd, Noel Fielding, Matt Berry Mainly Katherine Parkinson because I have the biggest girl crush EVER on her.
  6. Billie Piper pretty please? I've always wanted to meet her!
  7. It doesn't matter about the date for me because i'm a very un-busy person so I just can't wait to see the first guest now! Although most people complain about Doctor Who guests, they certainly get a lot of attention! LFCC doesn't have any so far this year so i'm hoping EMS will provide us with some Who Guests (and some Sherlock guests too pretty please)
  8. Pretty please could we have David Tennant again? It would make some fangirls' lives.
  9. *cough* Did I mention Louise Brealey before...because i'd really die to see her *cough*
  10. Being quite young and from the UK, Doctor Who is one of the only shows I go to LFCC for (unfortunately, I hope to get into more in the future) so i'm really depending on some Doctor Who guests to go. LFCC has always been brilliant for its Who guests, especially last year, and I really really want there to be some this year!
  11. Also: Colin Morgan Bradley James Burn Gorman Naoko Mori Gareth David-Lloyd Kai Owen
  12. Yes, yes, yes! The Sherlock cast is completely perfect and I want to say especially Louise Brealey, who tweeted saying she'd love to do another convention after MK. In addition to this: Matt Smith Jenna-Louise Coleman John Barrowman Christopher Eccleston (long shot but you never know) Catherine Tate Freeman Ageyman Noel Clarke John Simm
  13. I missed her at MK too and i'm an enormous fan! I tweeted her saying I was gutted I didn't meet her and she tweeted back saying she was sorry she didn't see me there either! I'd love for her to come here too.
  14. Is there any chance of some Doctor Who guests? It's the main reason I go to conventions and I really want to meet some more. Showmasters have always been brilliant at providing lots of Who guests!
  15. I think i'm going as femme!Eleventh Doctor on the Saturday and looking to do someone from Sherlock on the Sunday, but still unsure. If I can't find anyone to go as on the Sunday i'll just use one of my Sherlock t-shirts :3
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