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  1. Christopher Eccelstone, David Tennant and Matt Smith. All the modern Doctors on the stage together Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman and Cathrine Tate. All of David Tennant's Main Assistances
  2. As much as i would love it to be i dont think it will be David Duchovny. my guess would be Christopher Eccleston or Sean Bean. Matt Smith and Danny DeVito have turned up else where, But any big names from Game of Thrones - The Walking Dead would be welcome .
  3. As much as i love the actors from the Star Trek TV / Movie series, i long to meet the Directors & Producers, who never appear over here. Nicholas Meyer. Harve Bennett. Rick Berman. Ira Steven Behr. Brannon Braga. Jeri Taylor.
  4. That's what i was thinking, will find out in time
  5. Elise & Electra Avellan Annouced on flyed handed out at cm:mk
  6. Good Weekend Nice Guests Only complaint was that the bus was dropping / picking up in the wrong place Had a word with Jason hopefully it was rectifed
  7. Great i can get my Boomdock saints picture back out
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