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Wouldn't it be cool to see past Trek guest stars at the convention in London this year. such as: David soul, Mick Fleetwood, Dwayne Johnson, Joan Collins, Kirsten Dunst, Ashley Judd, Seth Macfarlane, Teri Hatcher, Jason Alexander, Christian Slater  

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Deep Space Nine:
Christopher Doyle 
Harris Yulin (Aamin Marritza)

Randel Oglesby (Degra)
Daniel Dae Kim (Corporal Chang)
Brigid Branagh (Ruby)
Harry Groener (Nathan Samuels)
Emily Bergl (Bethany)
John Rubinstein (Minister Kuvak)

Daniel Dae Kim (Gotana-Retz)
Autumn Reeser (Ventu Girl)
Harry Groener (The Magistrate)

Doug Jones 
Anson Mount (Capt Christopher Pike)

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