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Small but enjoyable.

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Yes. Sheffield Comic Con has gotten smaller over the years but it is a great entry point for younger families.   Showmasters really need to improve the guests, today there were only around half a dozen guests, most of whom are fairly common at events.   When the show started it attracted some excellent names and had a really decent number of guests on both days.   The dealers are also a lot less than previous years.

This could be a major event for SM.   The venue is large and perfectly placed off the M1 making it easy to get to.   The fact that there was a steady, if not large, stream of people shows that it has following and fills a gap in the midlands area.   There were a lot of small kids around cosplaying, because it isn't anywhere near the size of a Collectormania is perfect for the little fans.

Maybe it's too close to LFCC but the event seems to have been generally ignored over the last three years, getting progressively less guests and dealers.   That's a shame, because it should be one of the star events.

I hope it continues but it either needs a date change or more investment, especially in the star names that will get people through the doors.

Thanks for a fun morning.

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Completely agree. It was my first con many years ago and I have loved them since but can’t help but feel disappointed and forgotten. It’s local which makes it easier and cheaper not mention means my husband can go otherwise he has to dog sit!

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