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Guest Cancellation - Dave Prowse

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We are sorry to inform you all that Dave Prowse will no longer be attending our Film & Comic Con Exeter event as he is finding it increasingly difficult to travel. He is now cancelling all of his appearances in the UK apart from the Dave Prowse Empire Day, taking place on Saturday 16th December 2017 at Feltham Assembly Hall. As it's close to his home our Empire Day is the last event he is planning to attend in 2017.

We are really going to miss Dave on the convention circuit. Dave is both a good friend to Showmasters and a personal friend of mine. We are really going to notice a big difference with him not attending all the events in the future as he is a convention guest legend.

- Jason, Showmasters LTD

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Thanks for the update Jason.

Its a pity to hear Dave is no longer able to attend the Exeter convention and we all understand Dave's health has been deteriorating over the last few years which has led him to cancel all overseas public appearances and now, inevitably as of January 2018, no more UK appearances either.

I remember attending my first Showmasters event held in Milton Keynes in 2002 and Dave was one of the first guests I met and purchased an autograph from. I was in awe of the man who brought (physically) one of the best villains to ever grace the movie screens. My childhood dream was now a reality and for this moment I was truly grateful. I have been fortunate to meet Dave on a number of occasions since and it's always been a pleasure.

Thanks to Showmasters for making this possible and I'm sure everyone like me wishes Dave the very best.

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