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Walter's view on the new Chekov

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ziggy31    32

Hello, I attended the look back at Star Trek the Original Series with Walter and George.


A question was asked "What did they think of the new Chekov and Sulu?" George answered, but Walter had already answered that question at a talk he had earlier that day.


I wasn't at the earlier talk and am interested in what he thought. Could someone let me know? Just a general gist is fine. :)


Thanks for the help. :)





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Count Fooku    401

It's only a week ago but my memory is a bit hazy. I think he said he was a little apprehensive going into seeing the film that the character was being taken away from him, but after watching the film he was very happy with the portrayal and although he didn't know Anton very well, he had spent some time with him and had liked him.

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