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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - KEV HOPGOOD

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Artist: Iron Man; 2000 AD; Warhammer Monthly


Three years after a brief flirtation with the then still extant underground comics scene (he wrote and illustrated a contribution to 1981’s Knockabout Comics #3) Kev Hopgood resurfaced drawing mainstream comics.


Like many of his peers the British artist contributed to 2000 AD (for which he worked on and off until 1995) but also illustrated stories for Marvel UK where his art graced the pages of Spider-Man and Zoids as well as such titles as Mighty World of Marvel, Thundercats, Action Force and Doctor Who.


Hopgood made his US debut in 1988 with issue #4 of G.I. Joe European Missions,continuing to contribute to that Marvel title until the following year. Marvel US came calling again in 1992 at which time he became the regular penciller on Iron Man. He stayed on that series for just over two years during which time he co-created War Machine.


Stories for the Warhammer Monthly anthology (published by Games Workshop’s Black Library imprint for which he also drew three Darkblade graphic novels) followed but by 2000 he was all-but out of comics.


He resurfaced in 2008 to draw two Warhammer 40,000 minis for BOOM! Studios but then chose to concentrate on illustrating children's books and educational books. That was until 2014, when he contributed briefly to 2000 AD's companion title, Judge Dredd Megazine​.



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