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The Jim Balent/#Catwoman Holly GoLightly Appreciation Thread

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There are guests who make up a number of reasons why attendees will go to see a handful/myriad of guests and then there are guests who is worth the price of entry, taxis train fares and the hassle of schlepping up to London, and Jim Balent and Holly Golightly are these two reasons. Have never gone to a con to meet two people before but my goodness was it worth it.


As a massive #Catwoman fan I was thrilled when Jim was announced and I chose to bite the bullet and take up quite a substantial amount of my collection to be signed.


N.B. At this juncture, I'd like to thank the very kind fellow attendees who were good enough to help me out getting my suitcase up and down the stairs.


Got to Jim and Hollys table around 09:30 or so and right from the outset they were so kind and chatty, you instantly felt comfortable with them and just adds to how a guest experience should be. I know there were quite a few visitors that came to the desk to get their bits signed and because of how much I had I made sure people with far less stuff were given priority.


N.B. I'd like to thank those wonderful chaps at around 12-13 pm for being understanding and letting me get the rest of my bits signed - I hope you enjoyed the Haribo ;)


I cannot thank showmasters enough for getting both Jim and Holly to this event, we had such a great time, a bit of humour was there when I informed them about the talks they were taking part in and didn't know until I gave out the SPOILER ALERT lolz.


But yep, today was so worth it, and the TERRIFIC #Catwoman sketch Jim did is gonna be my new tattoo.




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