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More Power Rangers Actors for LFCC2016! July!


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Hi, Showmasters can you please invite these people to come to London here's the list:


1xAzim Rizk-Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

2xSean C.W Johnson- Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

3xJohnny Yong Bosch- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/The Movie/Zeo/Turbo

4xAmy Jo Johnson - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/The Movie

5xDan Southworth-Power Rangers Time Force

6xJeffrey Parazzo-Power Rangers Dino Thunder

7xCiara Hanna-Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce Need to see her again i need to get a photoshot with her! :dance:

8xDavi Santos-Power Rangers Dino Charge


That's it for now i hope you invite them soon enough showmasters i'm counting on you please invite for LFCC2016 July be awesome to see them all anyway thanks again. :dance::clap::dance::clap::dance::clap:

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Hi,Showmasters can you please invite these rangers to come for LFCC2016 July please thanks,


1xAzim Rizk-Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

2xDan Southworth- Power Rangers Timeforce

3xCiara Hanna-Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

4xAmy Jo Johnson-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & MMPR The Movie

5xJeffrey Parazzo-Power Rangers Dino Thunder

6xDavi Santos-Power Rangers Dino Charge/Super Dino Charge

7xJohnny Yong Bosch-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,MMPR The Movie,Zeo & Turbo

8xSean C.W Johnson-Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue


I hope you invite them Showmasters i really want to meet it be a dream next year if you invite them next for LFCC2016 please i'm begging you now please get them to London.


Thanks, :smile:

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