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My weekend overall..

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Well firstly id like to say what a crazy weekend it was, in good and bad ways. Firstly the good. The guests. Over the weekend i must have met so many guests, all were amazingly friendly, kind, polite and fun to be around. It was an absolute dream to come out of their each day knowing id met sigourney weaver, bill paxton, mjf etc.


It was such a surreal feeling to meet sigourney weaver and michael j fox, and some stand out moments for me where meeting mjf and him seeing my teenwolf tee shirt and smiling at me, just the feeling i got from him and being around him was such an honour, also sigourney weaver seeing my ghostbusters portrait tattoos and saying "wow those are awesome, but im not on you" then followed by "i hope so" when i said she will be soon, that made my day. And finally Lea Thompson, who was most probably one of the best guests id met all weekend, she was such a sweetheart, looks stunning and at the photoshoot when it was my turn threw out her arms and said "hey gorgeous" then gave me a massive squeeze which made me melt lol..she was such a wonderful guest, as was claudia wells...but again everyone i saw over the weekend was great.James remar also told me a little story when i gave him a warriors picture to sign and told me how he still has the belt buckle he wore in the movie hung in his closet. so thanks showmasters for getting some fun guests over.


The bad, as many have already likely pointed out, ive not had chance to read all the feedback on the forums as yet but im sure its been mentioned alot...but it was waaayy too packed and crowded. I understand SM will say it was fine, firesafety was okay and they were within the venues capacity but thats besides the point. there were clearly too many people there this weekend and this comes from them saying there would be less numbers then last yr, and 2bh it didnt feel any better being in there then last yr. the venue itself was pants, everything was set out terribly and again there were too many people in there creating so many long lines just to get in and out or through anywhere. I went to the top floor at one point and it took me 1/2 an hour to get back downstairs, resulting in missing a photoshoot. Luckily the lovely lady in red on the sales desk sorted it for me but thats not the point.


If a venue capactity is 20,000 it doesnt mean you should go right upto that. There were so many people there i gave up with half of the show as i just couldnt be bothered fighting my way through the crowds in that heat to see the stalls. The photo booths were all over the place and as others have said just created more problems. Is it so hard to put all the photoshoot booths in 1 or 2 areas closer together at a show this size?? if there is a reason why you dont do this then what is it?? as it makes no sense, and many who i spoke to over the weekend said the same.

also with photoshoots, alot of people were saying about maybe its time to invest in a barrier system rather then the ridiculous white line when waiting. it creates issues when people are constantly crossing paths, cutting through, etc. if there are barriers where the photoshoot lines are then people will see whos in line and where for, cutting out issues of trying to get through.


Also the map system that was printed up and on the walls made no sense to alot of people and even after printing maps of weeks in advance, i still found myself as did others asking any blue or red shirt where things were all weekend, it was a nightmare. I can see why people think its a money making thing, yes it is as at the end of the day its a business, BUT things can be organised alot better to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. if the goal is to get this as big as sdcc or nycc then ALOT of work needs to be done because quite simply if the same issues arise year after year but the guests get bigger and bigger, the event is just going to become less fun and more of a hassle to attend.


Anyway, just my feelings on the weekend, again i had an okay time in terms of the event itself, guest wise it was great to meet who i did and im happy thart i met who i wanted, minus LLOYD so nice work SM in getting those guests but other issues still need looking at big time.


Btw all the blue and red shirts were alot of help and thanks to them for answering any questions i had.

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