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Well organised queuing outside. However...

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After last year I was kind of dreading queuing up this year. But they got it spot on this time round. I arrived with my mum and sister at about 7.45 on Saturday and was inside within 20 minutes of the doors opening. I got two of the four autographs I was after, which was fine as it was my main two. And the four floors helped with overcrowding to an extent.

However many of the attendants, who I applaud for volunteering, and I'm sure through no fault if their own, often didn't seem to know what was going on. The main problem being my mum and sisters MJ Fox clock photoshoot. They got sent to FIVE different places before ending up back at the second spot they were sent to, and only just made it...sister was the last of batch one to be seen. The worst thing is that the clock photoshoot wasn't only not listed on the sheets dotted around the venue, but it wasn't on the attendants sheets!

Anyway, all in all it was a good day, and the overall organisation is getting there.

Fingers crossed for next year! :-)


P.s. How about instead of dotting everything random over four floors, why not have merchandise and misc on two floors, autos on another floor, and photoshoot on another?

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