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  1. Any idea when the digital photos will be available to Purchase?
  2. Wouldn't it be great to get David to pose with the emperor too.
  3. Please please be Wonder Woman Gal Gadot or Lynda Carter
  4. It would be great if they could get Gal Gadot and some more of the cast from Wonder Woman and the Justice League movies which are currently shooting in London.
  5. Oh yeah definitely, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHOWMASTERS get eva green to attended the event Would be a dream to meet Eva.
  6. How about getting the British actor playing Daredevil. The problem is Netflix may have a Marvel event at SDCC.
  7. I personally think its crazy to have this at the same time or within a couple of weeks of SDCC. You are potentially limiting guests who may favour going to SDCC over London. Its unnecessary.
  8. Downloaded them. I noticed that a number of them are not cropped as badly as the printed ones which is good as I can now get those framed instead. I do wish Showmasters would drop the charge for these jpg images even if it meant you didn't get a hard copy at the show. They are better quality than the printouts anyway.
  9. I get the original framed and buy the digital as backup.
  10. Your point 2 is fair enough IF people were not organised. However there were plenty of organised people stuck outside waiting to get in while their photoshoots were taking place. I arrived prior to 9.00 and did not get in until after Hayley Atwells photoshoot was finished. Way too slow getting people inside.
  11. Great job Luke. I agree with the pressure he was under on Saturday with people missing first photoshoots he managed it beautifully.
  12. This event should not be any bigger until the queues outside are handled better and circulation inside improved. Changes to stairwells and doors opening onto them need to be resolved as its only an accident waiting to happen. Also for the love of god turn on the air conditioning. I could see both guests and attendees suffering.
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