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Gaming zone at the show is a must so check it out

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After the success of the Gaming Zone at last years event we are bring it back again for you all , if you missed it last year then do not miss it again it is located on the 1st floor upstairs and is a dedicated hall full of gaming fun totally for free so get your game on :-)



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Hi - hope everyone enjoyed the show, particularly the gaming area of course! ;)


I was there running the Game Zone for Replay, together with Jack and Thomas from the Showmasters crew.


A selection of photographs from the gaming room have already been uploaded to Facebook - please check them out here and remember to tag if you spot yourself - or your mates - in amongst the snaps! :)


It's always good to get feedback, so let us know whether you'd like to see the game zone return to future events in Cardiff - and also feel free to suggest games and consoles that you'd like us to bring. Obviously there's a limit to how much gear we can bring, but we're always open to ideas! :)


Lots of people were asking for tournaments over the course of the weekend (particularly Smash!) so that's something we could definitely look into ...


Anyway, it's always a pleasure to visit Cardiff - so hopefully see you all next year for the March show! :)



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