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  1. Hi again, hope everybody who swung by the game zone today enjoyed our setup - as always, we'd love to hear your feedback on the games and systems we put out on display. Our Facebook album for Collectormania 22 (linked above) has already been updated with Sunday's pics - so please go ahead and tag if you're featured on any of the snaps! :) Cheers, see you at the next show ... --Dave
  2. Our Day 1 photos from the Replay Game Zone at Collectormania 22 are now on Facebook - please click here to view! If you visited the show, don't forget to tag yourselves if you spot you/your mates in any of the shots - and feel free to leave feedback either in this thread, or on Facebook. Thanks to everybody that called by today - more photos will be added to the album on Sunday! --Dave
  3. @Jid1993 Sorry to hear about you having to wait so long to get a go on the new Mario Kart. Appreciate it's a too late now - but for future reference, if you believe game(s) are being 'hogged' at one of our game zones at a Showmasters event, please raise it with either one of the Replay or Showmasters crew supervising the area - and we'll endeavour to make sure that everybody gets a fair go on games that are in demand. Anyway, glad you enjoyed our setup and thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback. :) @Faerie Tanith Congrats on the 'brother thrashing' ... ! --Dave
  4. Hi - hope everyone enjoyed the show, particularly the gaming area of course! I was there running the Game Zone for Replay, together with Jack and Thomas from the Showmasters crew. A selection of photographs from the gaming room have already been uploaded to Facebook - please check them out here and remember to tag if you spot yourself - or your mates - in amongst the snaps! :) It's always good to get feedback, so let us know whether you'd like to see the game zone return to future events in Cardiff - and also feel free to suggest games and consoles that you'd like us to bring. Obviously there's a limit to how much gear we can bring, but we're always open to ideas! :) Lots of people were asking for tournaments over the course of the weekend (particularly Smash!) so that's something we could definitely look into ... Anyway, it's always a pleasure to visit Cardiff - so hopefully see you all next year for the March show! :) --Dave
  5. Hi all! Just wanted to share the official photo album from Play Expo 2014, which is now available to view on Facebook. In addition to the games, we had lots of cosplay masquerades and attractions going on, and even a smattering of film/tv guests together with movie cars and lots of props! Please click here to view the gallery and if you’re a Facebook user that attended the event, please feel free to tag if you spot yourselves in any of the pics! :) You may also download a complete set of photos for offline viewing, via the link below: PlayExpo2014_Photos.zip (127 Mb) We've also compiled a big list of video coverage from the show, which you can check out here. Would love to hear more feedback from Showmasters forum members that attended the show, as it will help us tailor and improve our future events! Toodlepip! Dave.
  6. Hi This is taken from the following page on the Play Expo homepage: http://www.playexpo.net/2014/07/22/stars-of-red-dwarf-land-at-play-expo/ We've got more guests to confirm over the coming weeks (which are kindly being arranged by Showmasters, whom we are working very closely with now!) so please stay tuned to our website and facebook/twitter pages to be kept up-to-date. Cheers! --Dave
  7. Hi Moonman, Rob Hubbard was actually a guest at last year's Play Expo - he participated in the panel talk about the upcoming "Bedrooms to Billions" documentary (which you can see a portion of in the fan-filmed footage of the talk below), ). It's very rare for Rob to do appearances at games conventions nowadays, so I'm not sure what the chances would be of getting him back for a second successive show, but we can always ask! --Dave
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