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  1. Hello so i am travelling by car to Lfcc olympia and as i do not know the area i was wonderin if anyone knew any places to park specifically also blue disabled badge owners too please thanks.
  2. Just heard cfcc is changing dates to 10-11 October any truth to this?
  3. I'm not sure if I am understanding your question right, so I am not totally sure if this helps or not. The validation charge will not show on the actual tickets, no matter if added correctly or not. I added Validation and it shows in my order summary but on the printed out tickets it has nothing but accepted validation at bottom of each of the paper tickets is that right or do we have to have a separate sheet saying validation?
  4. Hello all, My names Scott Jones, i am from Wales in a village in the valleys called Aberdare. Been going to sm events since 2013 and i dont plan to quit yet haha. i have facebook,twitter and youtube you can find me easy searching for my username "1stmetalgod" so find out more about me there easier than me typing a lot of stuff out. 1 quick question how do i put a thing in where i can type all guests i have met etc like everyone else has in the grey section?
  5. Its my second time going to london comic con, first time coming from olympia is there any disabled entry there? i am going with my friend who has a disability and we are coming from wales,we normally go to cardiff comic con and instead of getting in the big ques round the building we are normally escorted in with the staff and crew but no idea if this is a possibility to happen for this event.
  6. Quick question. Once you have been sent the link to download your tickets is the Validation thing supposed to be there or not? I did add it but is it shown to be validated by the thing at the bottom saying accepted validation?
  7. Woo wicked so ground floor is stalls and signings from celebs now? and masquerade floor is level 1 or 3?
  8. My god,it's as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. Just the other day someone posted his prices went up aswell and god that is so close to the event. Just when i thought the place was gonna be a giant que for him its gone.
  9. Craig charles - auto Reggie rolle - auto So cal - auto Slyvester mcoy - auto Photos at table can be done i hope. Also gonna meet some of my friends so yeah haha
  10. Hello everyone, I know this years has not been yet but i was wondering, who do i need to talk to or what do i need to do to maybe set up a talk? I was interested in setting up me and maybe a couple friends running a talk on cosplay for plus sized people and cosplay and youtube kind of talk topics. Anyone know anything then please do, reply to this topic. Many thanks.
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