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I have been thinking????????

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when LF&CC 2 comes around -


how do you think the comic writers and artist will be paid -


will we have to fork out £15 a pop -


autograph - sketch etc -


when memorabilia used to have these people

(Oh the good old days)

they signed for free

they sketch for free

they chatted for ages


Now the showmasters shows are much more

push and shove - some people will take there time

some will not.


now a sketch can take 30 seconds or 5 minutes

not the kind of turn around for Hobbits at c4 and c5

Frodo hello as you were pushed past


any ideas

any thoughs


because I will not pay £15 for an artist/writer to deface

my comic


Showmasters any info


I was at the first and I will be at the second


Wuher :D

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