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  1. I'll be there As i AM ONLY 5 MINS AWAY thats something I thoughT i WOULD NEVER SAY But as for the guest list - who cares I still will be there Mark
  2. I'll be there just for Miranda Mark
  3. Hi there The show is on a sunday I would spend so much money in london with a free day Nightmare - Oh and I have to work the Saturday morning Mark
  4. That was the plan But I think I will have to content myself with Manchester Oh well I suppose that saves me a couple of hundred Quid Mark
  5. I checked on google and it takes 3 hours to get there being on a sunday trains do not run offen Oh and there could be a leaf on the line So unless I get a lift I think I will have to let this one go Mark
  6. Dr Jones, check your e-mail. Not for publication on the forum, please. 908332[/snapback] Hi there Whats this all about ???? Mark
  7. I met David at a signing in coventry - local FP - If you purchased a photo - £10 - he would sign anything - I got about 10 autos - £1 each - Bargain How times change Mark
  8. Any Help ???????????????????
  9. Non for them Shatner what a waste of £25 Regards MARK
  10. More Serenity guests - We need them all Cast Get togther Met summer and she was cool Regards Mark
  11. Worst star wars guest I have met - Oh and the most expensive too Cheers MARK
  12. Hi there Anybody going from the Coventry Or North of Coventry and passed/ by etc I need a lift Will share Petrol etc of course but I goggled the trains and it 3 hours from coventry and on a sunday - thats I arrive in time to leave Any help would be great Cheers Mark
  13. Hi there I got 5 of Elijah wood -= ended only keeping 2 for myself but @ the ***** I did get 40 of Anthony Daniels - He was not the happiest signer - I think he limited the number after that Regards Wuher
  14. wuher

    PG13 ?

    Just take them anyway - My local flicks - do not bat an eye lid My son is 10 and I take him to see 15s (no sex) - but troy etc etc so PG 13 NO PROBS
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