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BSG: Blood & Chrome

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what ive seen of the webisodes so far has been excellent.

makes me wish it had went to series like the 2003 bsg.

lots of potential for multiple seasons but all we'll get now is this brilliant web series pilot.

thoroughly enjoying it tho..

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it really is.

there was talk of seeing how many dvds sell to maybe reignite interest in taking it to a weekly series but i read a thing with the actor who plays coker and he said its dead in all forms and that the actors have moved on to other shows now.


that is absolutely heartbreaking...

i LOVED this so much, actually got teary-eyed when i saw the Galactica again for the first time...


Chalk this up as another staggering sci-fi show that was killed before it had a chance.

its SGU, harsh realm, firefly and flashforward all over again.


absolutely gutted...

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This was replayed a few weeks back on Syfy here and i watched it once again and, im sorry, but it stands up, even a couple of years later.

Exactly why didnt it make it to series again?


Everything that was asked of it was delivered and watching it the other night, im thinking how mental it is that we arent getting a weekly dose of this when it was made on a shoestring budget using cutting edge CGI techniques to save on physical sets.


We'd be waiting for Season Three to return if it were alive right now - No doubt finishing on some top class cliff-hanger that worked in seamlessly with the original Olmos version and we'd all be dying for it to return in the Fall.


Instead we got Defiance.

Pffffft...'Nuff said.


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