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Could someone help me RE: Pre order tickets :)


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Hey guys, I'm a little confused.


My Matt Smith Photo Shoot ticket arrived this morning (Thanks Showmasters!) And I was reading the little bit that comes with it and there's just a few things that I hope someone could clear up for me please? :)


'When you arrive at the show there will be an Advanced Booking Queue this is for pre purchased programme entry only' <-- Do I have a pre purchased programme? Or is that something totally different?


Your picture will be a 6" by 9" colour photo and will be ready for collection within moments of your shoot - I always thought it took 2 -3 hours for photos to be ready, or has this now changed?


One ticket = Exchange for ONE entry - Is this meaning my Photo Shoot ticket? Or do i queue up like everyone else buy a normal entry ticket on the door then go off to the photoshoot?


I know it sounds like Im being picky but unfortunately I can't stay too long on the day so I just want to know how I can make everything as smooth as possible!


Thanks in advance for the reply :dance:

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Did you order an entry (early bird or standard) ticket as well as your photo shoot ticket? If so then you can join the pre-ordered entry queue (depending on which ticket you ordered). If not then you will need to join the other pay-on-the-day entry queue.


Photo's are now printed on site and are essentially ready for collection within in a minute or so as you leave the photo shoot area.


On entry you hand over your entry ticket and receive an event programme in exchange.

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No I didn't purchase a ticket, I was going to but the tickets are closed to buy online now aren't they? I'll have to get it on the door.


Ah that's brilliant! Certainly speeds things up eh :)


Okay well thanks a lot for your help, will be there nice and early on the day.


Just one more quick thing, when do the times for the photoshoots go up?



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