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Cosplay Changing area

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I was at LFCC where it was announced that there would be changing areas for cosplayers, to freshen up or change- There wasn't any where to do so

I will be going to EMS on oct and wish to cosplay-- the site says the following

-------Facilities for Cosplayers

Full changing and cloakroom facilities will be available to all cosplayers attending Collectormania London. Male and female changing rooms will be available, as well as a cloakroom.-------


Will this be the case?


Please advise


PS I have enjoyed every show you guys have put together

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On the Saturday of LFCC there was no facilities provided and we all had to change in Alcoves on the gallery level which was open to the public or use various toilets dotted around the building. The reason that showmasters gave was that they ran out of Partitions and so couldn't assemble any changing rooms. On the Sunday however we were given one of the rooms off of the main floor near the front of the hall to change and leave our bags in, but that was only after all the complaints on Saturday I think.

So hopefully they should have it all sorted out by then.

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