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The Dark Knight Rises


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So just wondering who's seen the film and what we're your thoughts on it.


Without spoiling it too much i enjoyed the way it expanded on Begins and brought everthing full circle. It was also strange to see an incarnation of Wayne that's never really been shown before and it refected on the fact Batman still wasn't a push over but was much more vurnible in many ways.


I loved how much we get to see of the Batmans new transport, "The Bat" part helicopter part jet all badass!


Bane is the perfect countpart for Batman being that he is hellbent on the total destruction of Gotham, wishing Batman to watch helpless as he causes the whole city to fall under his rule. He knows exactlly how to break the bat in every way. I think he's best compaired to Darth Vader, he exsudes the same kind of menace and sheer lack of patence, plus he has the same raspy breath talk, that isn't at all hard to understand.


Selina Kyle never gets named catwoman, but she is a catburgler and we see a Gotham Gazette headline telling Gothmites about "The Cat", she has the exact same sassyness and sexyness as Black Widow and simularly she has a few tricks up her sleve. She walks a grey line and your never quite know if she cares about anyone else as she has her own agnedia.


There is a LOT of emotion in this one and the overall theme is all about each charaters fall and rise (or vice versa) from grace, it ends in such a way that it teases you there "could" be more, but probibly not or at least not from Nolan.


This shows us number threes don't need to be bigger and better than the second part but can at least be on par with it, though it gives it a go and someways tries a bit too hard, it still comes out in a blaze of glory.

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Finally, someone who acknowledges that Catwoman was not in this film. So many people I know, and others I have seen online, have said that she was Catwoman. She had all the characteristics there, but not the Superhero/Villain name. :clap:


The same goes for Joseph Gordon-Levitt in that people say he is Robin, and that happens to end up being his real first name. But I feel he has more characteristics to the future alter-ego of Nightwing.


If Christopher Nolan is open to it, I see a Nightwing film in the near future with appearances in cameo like form by both Selina "Not Catwoman" Kyle and Bruce Wayne/Batman.


Also, Bane is not dead. despite what Wikipedia says. He was shot by Selina "Not Catwoman" Kyle, but no body was found or his death acknowledged.

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