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My review of EMS

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Well let me start by saying how much easyer it was than LFCC the queues wernt fantastic saturday but better sunday and photo shoots wernt a problem although they wernt good at a, didn't update whose where out and where and then Davids came it was chaotic took me 1 hour 30 mins to get mine and i was gold pass also the crew were picking them up then moving them, personally big stars should have different pick up but the gloves of crew was a great thought.


Autographs were easy to get and better systems talk fantastic etc. WONDERFUL GUESTS this year get them back you pulled it out of the bag by all means and...


PLEASE GET BACK (f possible fingers crossed):

David Tennat

Eve Myles

Evanna Lynch

John Hurt

Scarlett Byrne

Arthur Darvill

Shirley Henderson

William Melling

Caitlin Blackwood

and Georgia Morffet

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