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Postponement of Memorabilia Expo at Milton Keynes

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Howie    136

Thanks Jason we know you and your staff do their best we have every confidence in you to keep these events going with good venues great guests and enjoyable activities.Keep up the great work!

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In addition CMK is no longer in a comfortable shopping centre, A great way to persuade the celebrities to appear at the London events instead!


I expect MK will go back to two events a year once the stadium is finished.



Hello jason


Many thanks for what you are saying!


I love collectormania very much


Please keep up the good work i do support you ever thought about bringing one to nottingham? :D

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toy seller    0

Hi 'toy seller',


Apologies but I have had to remove your post. This forum isn't the place for dealers to be discussing the ins and outs of business with Showmasters.


Please can you contact Jason or someone at Showmasters directly with any issues you have regarding the event cancellation or any other events.


Thank you.



Edited by DavidB

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