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Just wanted to say a big thanks to dave, jason, mark, tootall, malcolm and all the crew on this show, you were all fantastic


It was my first autographica, wasnt sure quite what to expect, if it would be different to ME/SM events. would it be to busy ect or to formal ect. was new ground for me this one.

I had a great time. the guests were all great and friendly, the crew all friendly and helpfull. the hotel not as hard to get to as I first thought. the deluxe pass was a dream.


it was a very friendly event all round. with great guests, ive pretty much decided to attend both next year even without any guests announced yet.


thanks to all for a great con and all the hard work. its really appreciated


p.s the Al worden talk I think was the best and most intersting talk ive been to yet at a convention. it was superb. what a guy.


cant wait till next years. I really loved autographica. thank you!


I might even think about the dinner next year, but what to wear?

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