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Bad Dog

Thanks from Mara

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Thank you you wonderful Showmasters crew, you were amazing this weekend even that crazy Saturday when they just kept coming through the door, you guys rocked so pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.


I would like to thank the Pit Bosses you were all ab fab! Many thanks to the green room team for feeding and watering us and generally working their socks off, Andrea you were brill as ever.


Elvis, Ian, Steff and the 'boys' thanks for all your help, sorry about the 40 chairs but well done on getting them there so quickly :P


Special thanks to TooTall for being just made of awesome, hope you have a suberb holiday, you so deserve it :WAVE:


All those at Showmasters, thank you so much for running an amazing weekend and including us in the magic.


And that's it I am off on my hols shortly and hope to see at least some of you for Roadhouse, take care all,


love ya :P




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