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Latest Guest Annoucement - John Charles

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We are pleased to announce our latest guest for the artist alley this year.




John has been into comics since he was twelve, and that was a long time ago. Along the way he’s been a graphic designer for Trident Comics, drawn/digitally painted five covers and illustrated some Future Shocks for 2000AD, has pencilled for Marvel UK, provided cover art for Antarctic Press in the U.S., and coloured Spectacular Spider-Man and a variety of other strips for Panini UK. He even co-wrote a three-part story for them co-starring Spider-Man and the X-Men.. John has just finished a near two-year stint illustrating a series of educational comic-books (pencils, inks and colouring). John is the co-author of the self-published: 'Tiger J. Jackson and the School for Weird Kids', and the equally self-published novel, 'Kiri the Fairy Barmaid', both written with old chum, Barry May. He has also illustrated several covers for Orang Utan Comics and continues to provide colouring for Panini UK’s Marvel Heroes.











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