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And I flung myself off the cliff.....


The plunge down didn't frighten me, I yearned for it, the cold wind freeing my mind, releasing my thoughts, making everything clear. Hitting the water, I felt the ice cold liquid freeze my body over, a small part of my mind remembered how cold Edward felt. It didn't hurt to think his name, diving into the pool of darkness was so I could think of him, hear his angry voice, protecting me from afar. Falling deeper I began to feel panic, quickly, the waves crashed me into the rocks, slamming my body, bruising it a deep purple. I could feel the currents split me in two, I wanted to scream with pain but on opening my mouth the ocean slithered down my throat wickedly, choking my lungs with the salty liquid. I tried to open my eye's, tried to think of how to escape, I knew I had to swim to the tide but the pitch black space that consumed me, blinded my vision completely, struggling to fight, my mind became clear. Why was I fighting?, why did I want to stay in this life, if all it held was pain? Stop, and never feel again. Fight, and continue to drown in memories of him.


With my new revelation, he appeared. My mind dragging up the last image that would fill my mind. His face perfectly chiseled. The smooth planes of his body prominent through his shirt. His eye's tight and angry (he wanted me to fight, he wanted me to exist). His lips a soft pink, lips that had whispered lullabies into my ear. His wind ruffled hair, glistening in the low sun. He was perfect. Exactly how I remembered. Breaking my daze was the sudden introduction of his voice, his pleading.


"Don't you dare give up" he begged, his voice a velvet soft song playing through my head. Why would I fight if I had nothing to fight for? I wanted to respond but the over powering blackness stole my body as I slipped into unconsciousness. The last think I heard was a soft "please" , the last thing I thought was I will always love you, the last thing I felt was the sharp pang of the cliffs.


Suddenly I felt a cool breeze creating chills all over my body. Was death eternally being in the cold?. I must be in hell. The cold (my hell). I no longer felt the rough waves yet I felt the cold rock my body was pressed against. I wanted to open my eye's but I found them glued shut. Then I felt the harsh wind, scratching my face, I tried to move but felt the weight of the rock on top of me.

"Don't move" a familiar angelic voice murmured softly. Swiftly I felt the gritty sand beneath me, I felt the grains rub off my back, grazing it gently.

"Bella can you hear me?" Edward's voice was strained, worried.

"Bella?" he repeated. I wanted to reply but couldn’t find my voice. Suddenly I felt his lips on mine, I felt the rough wind being blown into my body but all I thought of was him. I could taste the delicious flavour of his lips on mine, I could feel the electricity buzzing at my lips, I could smell the succulent aroma pouring from his close body. And then I was coughing. Feeling the water come up from my lungs, the salt burned my oesphagus. And then I opened my eye's.


He sat motionless a foot from my face, his eye's were tired, the deep purple shadows framed his eye's, his hair was wild and glistened with the pearl drops of the sea water but he was here. He was real. And he was glorious.


"Edward?" I asked confused. Although I was delighted he was here, I didn’t know why he was. Last time I checked I was still mortal, still boring, still unappealing to him.

"Alice had a vision of you jumping off a cliff yesterday so I got a flight here" he spoke, careful.

"But why are you here?" I repeated feeling stupid .

"Oh... I know I promised never to return... but.. I couldn't just let you...." he trailed off , dropping his eye's to the sand.

"But what?".

"Bella I couldn't let you take your life, as if I haven't done enough hurt to you, but making you take your own life would be the worst act of all" he whispered.

"Wait... What?" I wasn't taking my own life.

"Bella, don't try to convince me otherwise, I was the one who had to drag you from under the water".

"Well.. yeah but that wasn't planned when I jumped in".

"So you decided this while you were in the water?" he questioned , raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

"Emmm... well.. I just.. I.. I wanted to be with you, back i your arm's, back to when I could breath, when you held me and whispered I love you's in my sleep, back to .... before" I whispered embarrassed to be admitting this to the only person I cared about and the only person who didn't feel the same at all.

"You did it to be with.... me?.. Oh Bella" he murmured pulling me into his arms, cradling me like he cared, probably thinking he made me suicidal.

"Don't " I said with all the will power I had left in my broken useless body, pulling away from him gently.


"I can't Edward, I can't keep trying to repair myself, and being with you will hurt all the more later".

"But... I can't keep trying to stay away from you, your just to important to me, I can't keep lying to you, I.. I love you" he spoke softly , gazing into my eye's.

"Edwa-"I was interrupted with the soft touch of a cool finger pressed against my lips.

"No... you don't" he interceded.

And then I found his lips on mine, brushing them softly, reviving them, his mouth moved quickly enthusiastically on mine and I had no choice to respond. My lips had already decided this before I had. I could feel my cheeks getting hotter, probably turning a bright red. The only sounds where my heavy breathing and the thunderous noise of my heart, working for the first time in months. I felt my heart knit tightly back together, my lungs fill with the luxury of oxygen. My eye's widen with the realisation that he [/i]did love me, when he pulled away. I stared at him confused, searching his eye's quickly. When he brushed a hand softly against my cheek. And murmured:


"I've missed this" he whispered rubbing my flamming hot cheeks and continued to kiss the bruises my jump had given me.



Sorry it's a little long.. I was just bored and thought I would have Edward save Bella from her cliff dive instead of Jacob...



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I've got to say I've just read this and pratically fallen of the couch. Okay I admit I'm half laid down and near the edge but wow that is some great writing. Do you have any more?

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Aww thank you :thumbup: .. emm no not really... i like to write small pieces like dis wen im bored just for my own entertainment really....

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