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Edward's POV - leaving Bella in New Moon...


I parked up in Charlie's spot next to Bella's house. I distracted myself by listening into the thoughts of people in the houses around us.


This is so unfair, why can't I have a boyfriend, I hate my mum


what the- that's not mine. I'LL KILL HIM. I swear i will.


All the happy people in this town, lucky they didn't know what kinds of monsters lived here. Monsters like myself, for example.

Bella's Chevy pulled up into the empty space in front of my Volvo. I sighed, and was at her door in a flash. I took her bag, like I normally did and chucked it back into her truck, that I didn't normally do. She was puzzled and nervous, I could tell that from her expression.


"Come for a walk with me" my tone was neutral


I didn't want to hear her answer, so i gently pulled her out her truck, and walked off down the path into the forest. It was in easy reach of her house, so that she could get back


I leaned against a tree, being careful not to knock it over, and just looked at her. I kept my expression calm.


“Okay, Let’s talk†she said.


I took a deep breath in, but I got caught in the back of my throat.


“Bella, we’re leaving†she took a deep breath too.


“why now? Another year-“


"Bella, it's time. How much longer could we stay in Forks, after all? Carlisle can barely pass for thirty, and he's claiming thirty-three now. We'd have to start over soon regardless."


I stared at her, she didn’t get what I was saying.


“When you say we-“


“I mean my family and myself†I said every word clearly.


She shook her head, this wasn’t the information she wanted to hear, and in her mind it probably didn’t even make sense. She tried to get me to take me with her.


“I’m no good for you Bellaâ€


“Don’t be ridiculous†she sounded as if she was about to beg “ You’re the very best part of my lifeâ€


“My world is not for you†but I had a feeling that she knew too much.


She tried to argue with me, saying that it was nothing to do with Jasper. I had to let her go, this world, my world was too dangerous for her.


“Bella, I don’t want you to come with me†Liar, you liar, this will return on you and you will regret it the voice in the back of my head was trying to stop me.


She paused taking the words in.






She stared into my eyes trying to find the lie, but it was well hidden.


“Well that changes things†she sounded calm.


“I’ll always love you, but I’ve let this go on for too long and I’m sorry for that2


“Don’t...Don’t do this to me†she was too late, my mind was made up.


With one simple promise, I left. Goodbye my Bella.



- Rebecca Brown (Age 14)

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