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Where did my thread go?

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What more do you want? And please don't say "your photo" because obviously that's ultimately what you want :D But as Stuart has specifically said it's not likely to be until after Manchester, I don't understand what you think posting "still waiting" are going to achieve?



It was a reminder, that's all. Just on the off chance Stuart's sitting around doing nothing, and he sees this and thinks "Oh yeah! I could be doing that now. That'd finally get that sorted." :wub:


Yes, he said after Manchester...but that's two and a half months after the event. I know I keep on and on about this, but...it's true. And that's not good, is it?


I've given up sending emails, because they were never acknowledged, even when I sent emails titled 'PLEASE READ AND REPLY TO THIS'. I'm not alone, other people have posted here saying they've had no response at all. Seriously, how long does it take to type "I have been getting your emails, I'm looking into it." Just some little acknowledgement, not total ignorance. I think Stuart said he'd not ignored them, in fact he'd made a special folder and put them in there, but didn't reply to them. That...is ignoring them, not acknowledging them. That's putting them somewhere else and not doing anything with them. How are we to know what's going on if our emails aren't replied to? That's the least we deserved after handing over our money.


I don't want to keep having to go on about this and seeming like a troll - I've really enjoyed the shows I've been to and hope to get to more - but the way all this has been handled...hasn't been very good.

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