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Collectormania 14?

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I know it's waaaay too early for it, but can you tell me when Collectormania 14 will be? Me and my friends are planning to go to England to see a theater play next autumn and we'd like to combine this trip with a convention, preferably Collectormania. I was at C5, and loved it, and it would be nice to go back again to this great event. But we have to book our tickets to the play ASAP so we need to know the date of the con, if it's possible.


Thanks for the answer in advance, and may I tell you, YOU ROCK! :blink:


Agnes from Hungary

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  • Showmasters Admin

And just as he says that.....


I've just been told it's likely to be 26th-28 Sept.


As you can see the event dates for next year as very fluid at the moment.

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