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  1. Awww... that's not so good news I hope it will change again, september is too early for us now... Thanks for keeping me posted! :)
  2. Thanks Just one more question and I'm off the topic. If it changes, what is more probable, an earlier or later weekend?
  3. I know it's waaaay too early for it, but can you tell me when Collectormania 14 will be? Me and my friends are planning to go to England to see a theater play next autumn and we'd like to combine this trip with a convention, preferably Collectormania. I was at C5, and loved it, and it would be nice to go back again to this great event. But we have to book our tickets to the play ASAP so we need to know the date of the con, if it's possible. Thanks for the answer in advance, and may I tell you, YOU ROCK! Agnes from Hungary
  4. And what about the special events? Talk shows and stuff? How much is the entry fee for those? Thx :)
  5. SCOTT BAKULA to C5 please!!! And Sala Baker
  6. Ooooooh, it would be so great to have Scott Bakula on C5... Enterprise has started here in Hungary a week ago and I like it, no matter what anyone says about it. It's different from the other ST series, but not worse.
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