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Rooms for C12.....

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I usually drive to the event then come home the same day as I only live 1 and a half hours away...


This time due to the fact that I am going to an event that is being held on the Saturday of C12 (a Starfleet/Klingon Banquet) I have decided rather then going home at 11/12 at night, I will spend a second day in MK and come home late afternoon of the next day..


I went to travel lodges site and wanted to book a room, well I’m not paying £49 a night, but I realised that as I have a car and can easily drive to MK in the morning, getting a hotel that was a little bit further away say 4.6 miles to be precise, meant I could book a room for £15 or £26 :YAHOO: ...


I even changed my mind from getting a double and went for a family room for the same price (you can never have to much room). :dance:


Not bad hey, now I have a family room for my fiancé and I booked for the 27th of October for £15 I’m quite impressed..


So if you are staying overnight and have a car the travel lodge 4.6 miles from MK isn't bad, especially when you can park in MK for free..... :D


Sure someone will tell me that if I had booked sooner I might have got a cheaper rate at a closer hotel (or probably still can I don't know) but am I bothered? Not really


Just thought people woudl like to know you can always book a cheap hotel if you know where to look, and it doesn't have to be a YHA


Anyone else already booked there hotel for C12? Did you get a good price?









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